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Motorola P7089 GSM Phone

Motorola P7089


  • Dimensions - 130mm x 45mm x 25mm
  • Weight - 108g
    This is the weight of the phone (with battery) and is measured in grams (g). Weight measurements can vary within models dependant upon battery type.
  • Battery - Up to 210 minutes talk time
    The total time a battery can power a phone for mobile calls. As the phone drains the battery during a call, the talk time left in the battery is diminished until the phone is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talk time the less frequently you will need to recharge.
  • Standby Time - Up to 125 hours standby time
    The time a battery can power a phone in the standby mode, switched on and ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call. The longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery.


  • Messaging Service - SMS
    SMS = The short message service (SMS) enables you to send and receive text messages using your Motorola mobile phone or personal communicator. Depending on your network service provider and your plan, you can send messages to other mobile phones or to PCs, domestically or internationally. The cost is usually a low, flat rate or even free, depending on your contract. MMS = Send and receive pictures, sounds and animations with your messages. MMS is as easy to use as sending a standard text message, but now you can really bring your messages to life. EMS = enhanced messaging service.
  • Tri-Band
    Different mobile phone networks operate at different frequencies, which means that if you wish to use your mobile phone outside your home country, you generally need a handset that supports multiple frequency bands. A tri-band phone operates on three frequency bands, GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900, allowing you to use it in Europe, Africa, Asia, nearly all of North America and Australia.
  • Voice Activation
    Voice activated dialing and function control saves you time and hassle. After pre-programming the voice numbers in your phone, press the smart button and speak a name. Your phone will dial the matched number. Or press the Quick Access key and speak to activate a number of pre-programmed features.
  • Infrared Data Port
    A data port that uses infra-red data association (irDA) as the standard for wireless communications between computer and mobile phone devices. For example, to update the phone list on your irDA-enabled PC, you would line up the infra-red ports on each device and then transfer the phone information to your PC.
  • WAP
    Wireless application protocol (WAP) is the first global standard for Internet services over mobile phone networks. It is capable of displaying "mini websites", which look simple when compared with normal websites but which already provide a variety of powerful services, including banking, ticket purchase, news updates and more. See the WAP Demo for more information.
  • Fax
    Fax-enabled phones can receive, store and download fax messages.
  • VibraCall®
    Motorola mobile phones equipped with VibraCall® can alert you to an incoming call by vibrating instead of ringing.
  • Caller Line Identifier (CLI)
    A CLI-enabled phone will show the phone number of incoming calls on the handset's display, provided the mobile network (e.g., Orange, One2One, BT Cellnet, Vodafone or Virgin Mobile) supports this function.
  • Voicemail
    Voicemail records voice messages for you to reply to at your convenience. It operates automatically when your mobile phone is switched off or has no signal, or when you don't pick up a call after a certain number of rings. You can also prompt it to take a message for you if a call comes at an inconvenient time.
  • Voice Encryption
    This standard security feature on all Motorola phones makes your voice transmissions secure.
  • SIM Application Tool Kit
    The SIM Application Toolkit is a mechanism that lets you use your SIM card to customise your phone's operation. By running an application resident in the SIM card's memory, the toolkit allows you to define certain phone functions, such as what appears on the display and your menu structure.
  • 56K Mobile Modem
    The 56K Global Modem is a form of PC card that attaches to your phone and acts as a standard modem. Easy to connect to your computer or laptop, it allows you to send/receive data, faxes or small messages (SMS), through landline network (at up to 56Kbs) or a cellular network (at up to 9.6Kbs).
  • iTAP™ Predictive Text
    Motorola Itap™ software makes messaging easier by anticipating the word you are spelling and filling the rest automatically. Itap™ simplified key entry shortens the number of key presses.
  • VoiceNotes™
    Motorola products with VoiceNotes capability enable you to record a memo or brief phone conversation at the touch of a button. (Use of this function is subject to various laws regarding the privacy of phone conversations.)
Download the user manuals in PDF format.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the below documents.

Download Acrobat here.
Motorola p7089 User Guide Motorola P7089 GSM Phone User Guide (3.9Mb)
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